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Animal Care | Pet Care Ozark MO | Divine Veterinary Clinic

We pride ourselves on being a full-service veterinary clinic with the latest technology and a caring compassionate staff. Some of our services we provide are veterinary surgery, in-house diagnostic lab work, endoscopy, examinations, in-house radiology, vaccinations, pharmaceuticals, dental care, microchipping and pet boarding for clients.

Surgery - Your pet's safety and comfort during surgery are our first priority. Our clinic utilizes the latest veterinry surgical techniques and equipment as part of every surgery. From spay and neuter procedures to advanced soft-tissue and orthopedic surgeries, our team is able to provide your pet with the best care for their surgical needs.

Laboratory - We have a complete in-house laboratory facility, which allows us immediate results to help diagnosis from mild to severe medical problems.

Endoscopy - Our clinic has the latest and most advanced equipment which helps look inside the body and provide the best possible results for a diagnosis. The endoscopy procedure is started by using a long flexible tube with a camera attached to it most commonly called an endoscope. It is passed through the mouth into the esophagus, stomach, or small intestine for direct viewing. The veterinarian can then see the structures of the Gl tract directly by looking through the endoscope, and make a diagnosis. By inserting special instruments, the veterinarian can also take biopsy specimens or remove foreign objects if needed.

 Examinations - Regular examinations keep your pet healthy and allow us to develop a comprehensive health profile for your pet. This information will aid us in future treatment of your pet and also helps us identify medical problems at an early stage, before they develop into chronic conditions that are expensive and more difficult to treat. Some of the different exams we offer are ophthalmic, over all wellness, dental and geriatric exams.

Radiology - We use radiology as an essential part of diagnosis, which is great because our clinic offers complete radiology services in-house.

Vaccinations - Vaccinations are a big part of keeping your pet safe. Many diseases that were once fatal to pets can now be prevented through the use of vaccinations. Your pet is one-of-a-kind so we recommend a vaccine schedule tailored for your pet based
upon its age and lifestyle.

Pharmacy - We provide a wide range of medications and maintain a fully-stocked pharmacy for dispensing to our clients for their pets. We also carry a full line of parasite control products including flea/tick and heartworm preventatives.

Dental Care - We provide routine dental examinations, because most pets will eventually need a professional dental cleaning. We offer full dental cleanings with extractions on an as needed basis. We use an ultrasonic scaler to rid the teeth of tarter and then polish the teeth to reduce the recurrence of tarter buildup.

Microchipping - A microchip is a very simple effective way to offer a lifetime of protection for your pet. Microchips are usually implanted between the shoulder blades, in a procedure similar to a vaccination. The microchips are about the size and shape of a grain of rice. Each microchip is encoded with unique information about you and your pet, which is then stored in a national database. Veterinary hospitals and animal shelters across the country are equipped with special scanners capable of reading these microchips. At our clinic we use the AVID microchips.

Boarding - We also offer boarding for our current clients.

At our full service veterinary clinic we also provide exceptional veterinary care for ‘Exotic’ pets, which can range anywhere from pocket pets, reptiles to avian medicine.